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Solving digital infrastructure obsolescence

Access. Run. Import. Recover. Upload. Download. Print.

Any legacy software application, machine, or network. Securely. 

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See how Stabilize lets you use legacy infrastructure past the point of obsolescence. Securely.

  • Run isolated virtual networks of servers and clients beyond end of support

  • Maintain live access to Stabilized machines or boot them on demand

  • Securely run legacy Microsoft Windows, Linux or UNIX operating systems and applications

  • Access your machines in-browser via the Stabilize web interface

  • Access mapped ports locally via a secure proxy application

  • Upload to - and download from - your Stabilized machines

  • Print to PDF from any Stabilized application

Intranet Stabilization
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Network Stabilization

  • Connect stabilized servers and desktops in secure, isolated networks

  • Connect stabilized servers and desktops in secure, isolated networks

  • Replicate or import some or all machines and services in each network (DNS, DHCP, IDP provider)

  • Take advantage of the Stabilize preconfigured emulated network services for DNS, Active Directory, DHCP, etc.

  • Optionally provide secure live-internet access to stabilized networks or access to archived websites within a stabilized network at the original URLs

Stabilize Secure Connector

  • The Stabilize Secure Connector (SCC) opens a secure connection between your local machine (or your corporate network) and a stabilized machine